Heyyy Aunties & Uncles … Your Fave Rych Auntie is extremely excited to launch our

Rych Ambassador Program!!!

For all those who have supported Rych Auntie Vibezz, as well as those who are looking to do so, we greatly appreciate you and want to offer you a seat at the table! The Rych Ambassador Program allows you the opportunity to make commission, get discounts, potentially get free merchandise, and be apart of this rych society! At this time, we are only based in the US and look forward to growing internationally in the future.

Please be aware the role you play in this relationship is an ambassador who is knowledgeable about the brand, merchandise, and services that gets commission based off of an affiliate marketing link. The affiliate link is connected to a dashboard where all of your custom link traffic and sales are tracked. This role requires promotion of the brand, merchandise, and services.

All the details of this relationship are configured to ensure as a growing small black-owned business we thrive and allow everyone the opportunity to do so as well!  Please feel free to email us at werelistening@rychauntievibezz.com with any questions.

 Looking forward to working with you all and sharing the Rych Vibezz!

Welcome to the table aunties and uncles!


Getting Started
  • To initiate this relationship you are required to complete a purchase with a minimum of 2 pieces. This purchase will be discounted at 50% off. There is no minimum purchase amount. In the event you get more than 2 pieces, the 2 highest ticketed items will be given the 50% off. Once you've requested to come onboard through the links provided below, we will provide your one time code to complete your purchase. Once the purchase is complete, your request will be approved and the process begins with getting your dashboard set up and custom details will be created and shared with you.


Please Note: You will be asked to promote the brand and products by tagging and mentioning us on all social media platforms whenever you wear the merchandise, whenever there's a promotion, and regularly to help promote and bring awareness. This will be monitored periodically and reviewed in order to maintain this relationship. If at any point we see it fit or you choose to no longer continue the relationship, we will sadly, yet gracefully end the relationship. 


  • You will start with 10% commission off every order from your link. Commission will increase based off tiers (tiers are based off completed orders). The chart below show the current tier. (subject to change)
  • Remember, you get paid based off the completed purchases, so the more you promote, the greater chances of people using the link and your commission payout being more.


Commission Payout

  • Payout is done via PayPal once a month. All the specifics will be discussed as you are setting up your affiliate dashboard.
  • If you would prefer merchandise rather a monetary payout, we can provide you items of your choice that would equate to the payout instead. The items will be priced at your discounted rate.


    Build Your Own Team
    • You can also recruit others and get commission off their sales as well. Please see the chart below on how the commision will work with the referral tiers. The link to recruit others is in the affiliate dashboard. (subject to change)
    • The link to recruit others is in your affiliate dashboard.
    • There is no cap on the amount of people you can recruit in. They will have to go through the steps listed in the "Getting Started" section. (subject to change)


    Get Exclusive Insight
    • When new pieces come in that we believe you would look great in and/or best matches your style we will share them with you offering exclusive access to get pieces first. You can always ask about incoming merchandise as well to be offered this opportunity.


    Discount off Merchandise 
    • You’ll get an initial 30% off discount code specifically for you to use on your own purchases at any time. Discount will increase based on how much promoting and sales you and your team bring in. Once you've signed up, please email us and we will contact you with your custom discount code for you and promo code for you to share with your customers. *Ambassadors will have different discount codes based on their relationship with the business.*
    • All the specifics will be discussed as you are setting up your affiliate dashboard.
    • *All the above is subject to change.*


    • Please be advised, if you are not a customer, known personally by the business, or someone who is generating high traffic to the site resulting in orders, this is not an option. 


    The details of the program listed above are updated based on the business needs. Once you've signed up, any and/or all details listed and/or provided/updated are agreed upon and acknowledged. Please feel free to email us at werelistening@rychauntievibezz.com with any questions. We are looking forward to the opportunity of working with you sis and welcome to the table!

    Here's the signup link: https://rychauntieambassador.affiliatery.staqlab.com/partner/signIn